When it comes to horses and humans, our vision is clear and our purpose paramount.

We believe every thoroughbred horse and every human deserves an enriched life. Here, we begin to make that happen.

To see the change we want in the world, we established The Horse & Human Foundation – a unique not-for-profit organisation and community providing programs, facilities, and resources across Australia; transforming lives and setting a new standard in horse and human welfare.

Our flagship properties in Victoria are the beginning of something meaningful – inclusive sanctuaries where horses find purpose after their racing career and humans discover a new way to nurture their health and wellbeing.


Transitioning thoroughbred horses to an enriched post-race life.

When a thoroughbred horse concludes their track career, they deserve to transition into a purposeful post-race life.

The Horse & Human Foundation enables this pivotal moment in equine care – providing the facilities, programs, and resources to professionally and ethically repurpose horses to their next career stage.

As a centre of excellence in equine welfare, we champion every horse through genuine care, specialised training, re-allocation, whole-of-life observation, to dignified end-of-life.

the humans

Our community is where deep connections thrive

In addition to the genuine benefits of being on the land and amongst horses, our properties provide a safe and welcoming space for humans where minds and bodies are nourished and rejuvenated. With accommodation, day visits, and employment opportunities, your wellbeing is our focus. With access to immersive programs – including food, music, art, literature, fitness, and horses – expect a wellness sanctuary with natural environments and exceptional outcomes for you, your family, or your team.


A national vision for whole-of-life care.

The sanctuaries – Seeforth in the Howqua District, The Farm in Merrijig, and Horse Shepherd Park in Gordon – encompass optimal solutions in whole-of-life care. Combined, they represent the beginning of a long-term solution in the wellbeing of horses and humans across Australia. From the culturally rich and vibrant landscapes of Seeforth and The Farm to the Equine Rehabilitation Specialist Centre of Horse Shepherd Park, we can nurture and champion every horse and every human who steps on to any one of these properties. This is the beginning. As we establish more properties, our resources grow – expanding The Horse & Human Foundation’s capabilities and moving towards fulfilling our national vision.

The Founders & Board

David Kobritz, Kim Watty, Michael Drapac, John Hopkins, Charlie Lovick, Tahli Straughair

Our founders and board are deeply connected to horse and human wellbeing, driving immediate and effective action in both these important spaces.
Partnering with organisations around Australia – including Beyond Blue, Deakin University, Men’s Shed, Full Circle Thoroughbred, and numerous government and equine bodies – we have the authenticity, people, and focus to create a permanent and positive solution for horses and humans.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

Martin Luther King Jr


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